Registration is GRADE BASED. Register with the grade your child will enter in Fall 2020

CIT/JC Training Weekend is April 18-19, 2020
CIT/JC Weekend registration: February 18 (for JCs), February 19 (for CITs)
CIT/JC Training Weekend may be registered in addition to the 2 sessions.

Feb. 18, JC (grades 11-12)
Feb. 19, CIT (grades 9-10)
Feb. 20, Campers (grades 3-8)

Registration will open at 4pm PST

  • Maximum 2 sessions per child during February registration

  • You may choose up to 2 sessions and also Wait List your child for other sessions.

  • 3rd (or more) session/s will be cancelled at FHSC discretion, no exceptions.

Summer Camp Fees and Discounts

Campers (Entering Grades 3-8) $675
CIT I (Entering Grade 9) $675
CIT II (Entering Grade 10) $455
JC I (Grade 11) $275 - No discounts
JC II (Grade 12) $200 - No discounts

CIT/JC Weekend $175 - No discounts

Bay Area Bus (round trip or one way) $70
Modesto Bus (round trip or one way) $40

Sibling Discount: $40
Multi Session Discount: $40
Stan. Co. Resident Discount: $55
SCOE Employee Discount: $200
3 month payment plan will be available for February registration.

3rd sessions will be assigned after April 1 and payment will be due in full if you accept the session.
You will be notified by email to accept or decline any session assigned from the Wait List.

Cancellation Policy-No Exceptions