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CIT/JC Training Weekend is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, but not mandatory.

Spring CIT Leadership Training Weekend

In past summers all CIT I and II were required to attend the spring CIT Leadership Training Weekend. The training weekend is intended to help our CIT's gain valuable skills though instruction, role playing, teamwork activities, group projects, and a number of other fun and interesting activities. The workshop is also a great opportunity to meet new people and learn all about the exciting opportunities that await during a summer as a CIT.

This training weekend is not mandatory, but is highly recommended. Not only will it provide each CIT with a greater understanding on what to expect during the summer, but it allows them to meet other CITs and interact with the staff as well. The staff tries hard to not only make the weekend educational, but extremely fun as well.

CIT Program


CIT Program

Any camper entering 9th or 10th grade in the fall will be a CIT I or a CIT II and is highly encouraged to register for the Training Weekend in addition to their camp week/s. The two-step CIT program focuses on encouraging these young adults to work together as a group, while building leadership, personal, and cooperative skills that they will need in the later years of the program as well as in their lives outside of camp. During this stage of the program, CIT's also get to, for the first time, experience a little of what goes on "behind the scenes" at camp and may have the opportunity to participate in the creation of the exciting themed events that take place each week. The purpose of the weekend is to help prepare CIT's for the coming summer; this will allow them to better enjoy their time at Summer Camp. This is also an excellent opportunity for CIT's to meet other CIT's and increase their leadership skills.

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JC Program

Campers entering 11th or 12th grade will enroll at summer camp as JC I's and JC II's respectively and are highly encouraged to sign up for Training Weekend in addition to their camp week/s. The two-step JC program focuses on applying leadership and social skills within the camp community. A greater emphasis is placed on interacting with younger campers than in the CIT program and JC's will actually be placed in dorms with younger campers so as to facilitate interaction. During this stage of the program, JC's take on more responsibility around camp and are asked to take an active role in designing and preparing activities for the themed night events. JC's also have an opportunity to work closely with members of the staff both inside and outside of the dorm environment. This gives JC's a chance to learn, for example, how to run a dorm, plan an event, or build a ride, from the experienced staff members. Again, while recommended, it is not necessary to have participated in the CIT or JC program before in order to sign up as a JC, and all those new to camp are certainly welcome to sign-up.

JC's are allowed to attend the voluntary Leadership Workshops, that coincide with the dates of the CIT Workshops.

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