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Who are the Counselors?

Visiting schools assist our Counselor Program Coordinator with recruiting leaders from high schools in their district.  In addition, our Counselor Program Coordinator reaches out to all high schools in Stanislaus and Tuolumne County to recruit these young leaders.  We need about 650 volunteers each school year to fill all of our counselor spots!

Counselors are Junior or Seniors who are in good academic standing, have excellent attendance, and must be referred by teachers who believe that they would be a good role model for younger students.  We also accept recent high school graduates with excellent references.

Each counselor is guided and supervised throughout the week by our staff. Each counselor is assigned to a Naturalist who provides ongoing coaching for them throughout their week. This Naturalist also provides verbal feedback and will present a formal written evaluation to them on the last day of the week.

What does a Counselor do?

High school counselors make up an essential part of the staff at Foothill Horizons Outdoor School. They bring energy and enthusiasm to our program along with a maturity and level of responsibility that ensures a safe and positive learning environment for our students. Serving as a counselor is both a challenging and rewarding experience. 


  1. Role Model - Counselors model appropriate behavior for our students 24 hours a day.

  2. Dorm Supervision - Counselors sleep in the dorms along with the 6th graders and oversee behavior, wake them up, put them to bed, and get them to all activities and classes on time.

  3. Teacher's Aide - Counselors assist their Naturalist during class by helping with behavior management of the 6th graders, and by distributing and collecting instructional materials. They also encourage participation and discovery during class by asking questions.

  4. Meal Supervision - Counselors eat all meals with our students and help to encourage polite manners.  They also make sure students are eating enough and trying new things!

A note to potential volunteers:  As a counselor, you will have some pretty big responsibilities during your stay at Foothill.  You will learn a lot about leadership, group management, what it means to be a positive role model, and you'll help the kids have a memorable experience.  You'll also learn a lot about nature and make some new friends.  A big surprise to many counselors, is that you also learn a lot about yourself! During your week, you may discover skills you have that you didn't even know existed.

How do I become a Counselor?

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