How to Become a Counselor


What are the first steps?

  • Make sure you're a good fit!
    Check out these videos to get a sense of what it will be like:
  • Apply!
    • Print out and begin completing the Counselor Application
    • Take the application to your High School Counselor or Work Experience Specialist and work with them to get the necessary signature(s) and approval from your school.
    • If you plan to take medication during your stay, you'll need page 7 of your counselor application signed by your parents and doctor.
    • If you have graduated high school or you are in college, you can still volunteer, but you will need to be finger-printed. Please contact our Counselor Program Coordinator to begin that process as soon as possible so you can come on the dates that you want. The process does take several days.

  • Attend a Saturday Counselor Training Course
  • Get your dates!
    • Once your application is complete, your High School Counselor or Work Experience Specialist will work with our Counselor Program Coordinator to set up dates for you to attend.


Once I'm approved to come, what do I do?

 What do I do after I volunteer?

Use this experience to your benefit!  All counselors will receive a formal written evaluation of their performance at the end of their stay.  If you met or exceeded our expectations, your evaluation letter can be used as a Letter of Recommendation for college applications or future employment.  You are also welcome to return to us and volunteer again! 

Spread the word!  Tell other students about your positive experience and encourage them to volunteer for Foothill. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:   What's the schedule like for a week at Foothill Horizons?
A:   Check out our sample 3 Day / 4 Day / 5 Day Schedules

         Q:   Do I get breaks during the week?
         A:   Find the answer in our Counselor Handbook

Q:   Can I buy Foothill Horizons Merchandise while I am there?
A:   Yes! Foothill Merchandise information.  You'll need to bring exact cash.

Q:   Where can I hear and learn some of the songs that you all sing at Foothill?
A:   Visit our YouTube channel!

Q:   Can I bring my cell phone?
A:   You should just leave it at home.  But, if you do bring it please know that we collect all cell
      phones and keep them safe in a lock box during your stay.  If you need to access it during a
      break, you may... however, we do celebrate all counselors who go the entire week without
      using their phones.  Are you up for the Tech-Free Challenge?

Q:   If I don't have my cell phone, how do I call home?
A:   We do allow you to use our landlines to make outside calls.  Using our phones does not
      disqualify you from the Tech-Free Challenge.

Q:   Can I bring a camera?
A:   Yes!  Remember, you won't have your phone - so a disposable camera (labeled with your
      name) is a great thing to have to capture your outdoor experiences!  Cameras are not allowed
      to be used in the dorms.

Q:   Will it snow while I am there?
A:   If you are attending during winter months, it might... you can check the current Weather
      Report here.  You should also come prepared with a warm coat just in case.  We do have a
      few you can borrow if you don't have one.

Q:  What's that Saturday Training Day Course all about?
A:  If you choose to participate in this course, you’ll spend a Saturday with other high school
     students, learning about how our outdoor school works and participating in activities you might
     remember from your outdoor school experience in 6th grade. You'll learn about what a high
     school counselor does at Foothill Horizons, gain some great skills for working with kids, and get
     a free lunch too! Once you successfully complete the workshop, you will have the opportunity
     to sign up for a week as a counselor sometime during the school year.

Who do I contact for more information?

         Call Diann Rastetter at 209-532-6673  or email her:

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