Registration is starting for round 2. Thank you for your patience as we recovered from the Active Camps error.

Registration is GRADE BASED. Register with the grade your camper is in RIGHT NOW
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CIT/JC Training Weekend is April 28-29, 2018
CIT/JC Weekend registration begins February 5!

2nd round registration

Jan. 3- 7 pm JC
Jan. 4- 7 pm CIT
Jan. 5- 7 pm Campers

3rd round registration

Jan. 8- 7pm, Open registration for this week.
Maximum 3 sessions per child *

Summer Camp Fees and Discounts

Campers (Grades 3-7) $599
CIT I (Grade 8) $599
CIT II (Grade 9) $395
JC I (Grade 10) $198
JC II (Grade 11) $100

CIT/JC Weekend $120

Bay Area Bus (round trip or one way) $70
Modesto Bus (round trip or one way) $40

Sibling Discount: $ 30
Multi Session Discount: $ 25
Stan. Co. Resident Discount: $ 35
SCOE Employee Discount: $120

*(exception: open spaces in the week prior to a session are available regardless of number of prior weeks reserved)

Cancelation Policy-No Exceptions