Teachers- Before You Arrive

Student forms:

English Version Spanish Version
Student Health Form Informacion de salud
Administration of Medication Form Peticion de permiso para la administracion de medicamentos
Parent Information w/packing list Informacion para los padres
Packing list Lista de empaque
Program Description (optional) Description del programa (optional)
*All student forms to print in one (.zip) file
·Students with Special Diets
·Integrated Pest Management for Bed Bugs
·Lice Policy: English / Spanish

Teacher forms:

Early Planning
Planning for students with accommodations
Teacher Planning Sheet-blank
What is a Parent Shadow?
School Information
Foothill Merchandise Form
School Roster
Foothill Merchandise Info
Teacher Letter
Student Limited Activities List
*All teacher forms in one (.zip) file Free and Reduced information now included on Student Roster
·Photos of the Teacher's Retreat
·Rules and Discipline at Foothill
·Sample Menu

Presentation Materials:
Classroom Presentations:  

3 Day: PDF Version (no audio) Video Version (with audio)
4 Day: PDF Version (no audio) Video Version (with audio)
5 Day: PDF Version (no audio) Video Version (with audio)

Program Description Video: English/Spanish
·Parent Presentation: PDF Version (no audio)

Pre-Trip Activities:

click here for quick, curriculum-linked ideas for preparing your students for their Foothill Horizons experience. For more cross-curricular ideas that could also involve a post-Foothill Horizons component, see Extension Activities.  

Student Funding:

Foothill Horizons receives funds each year from the Education Foundation of Stanislaus County (an organization separate from the Stanislaus County Office of Education). These funds are available to subsidize outdoor school tuition for students in financial need (Stanislaus County public schools only).
Principals of schools attending Foothill Horizons are provided with information on how to apply for student funding at the beginning of each school year. If you know of students who will require funding, speak with your principal as soon as possible.

Dress Code:

A packing list with dress code information is included in the Parent Handbook. Please remind your students that your school’s dress code must still be followed at Foothill Horizons. Also remind them of the following:
Socks and closed-toe shoes are the only footwear allowed at Foothill Horizons
(except inside the dorms). 
Hats may not be worn indoors and may only be worn with the bill facing forward.
Clothing with inappropriate messages may not be worn. 
Students should not bring new clothes to outdoor school because they will be getting wet and dirty.